Bad drivers of the world unite: Next entry in Burnout franchise possibly in the works.

by: Nathaniel -
More On: Burnout Crash is reporting that, according to, the Australian Classification Board has let slip its rating for a game called Burnout Crash.  Said game has not yet been officially announced anywhere.

Both sites mentioned that a rating prior to a game's announcement often means it's a downloadable title; however, nothing else gives any indication, either way.

So what's the deal?  Is it a downloadable crash-mode-only entry into the Burnout franchise, or is a full sequel to Burnout Paradise?

We'll have to wait and see.  Whatever it is, the word "crash" in the title has piqued my interest.  The crash mode in Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge were arguably those games' best modes and possibly the only reason some gamers (like this gamer) purchased them and the lack of a true crash mode ruined Burnout Paradise for me (I wont even mention its obsession with "always online" open-world multiplayer at the expense of interesting game modes and well-designed races).

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