Back to the Future comes back to the present (as in it's out today)

by: Ben Berry -
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The first episode of Telltale's Back to the Future: The Game has landed in the present, which I guess is the future if you live in the past. I used to do that; live in the past, that is. I firmly believed that The West Wing was just taking a hiatus so Jimmy Smits could finish his galactic work on the Star Wars prequels before he merely settled for running the United States. Alas, it wasn't true, so pleased myself with the knowledge that at least there were a steady string of bad presidents presiding over Jack Bauer and his "all you can kill" violence buffet. 

Anyways, while Marty McFly is being played by neither Michael J Fox or Eric Stoltz, he's now here in the present ready to fly off to somewhere, erm, sometime with Doc and perhaps a dog or girlfriend. Oh and did we mention Hewie Lewis and the News is back for the ride? I guess that's the one thing I could have done without.

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