Back on Black

by: John -
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With a couple new games being backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, EA has sent word that Black is now on that list. There has been numerous reports flying back and forth about Black and whether a 360 version would come out or whether Microsoft would get the backwards compatiblity to work but it seems to be resolved now as for as this game is concerned.

EA today confirmed that the Xbox version of BLACK, the explosive first person shooter from Criterion Games and EA, is now backwards compatible with the Xbox 360.

When gamers insert the Xbox version of BLACK in their Xbox 360 they will be prompted to download the latest backwards compatibility update*.  BLACK will then be playable on the Xbox 360.

*requires Internet Connection, Xbox Live account and hard drive or MU.

BLACK delivers explosive Hollywood-style gun battles and destruction set against the modern war on terror.  BLACK casts players as Sgt. First Class Jack Kellar, the leader of an enigmatic Black Operations team sent in to Eastern Europe to eliminate a traitor.

BLACK challenges gamers to master and exploit erodeable cover in a game world where bullets affect every surface, and nearly everything can be destroyed.

The game was developed by Criterion Games, the UK-based studio behind the award-winning Burnout series of racing games.  BLACK is rated M for Mature by the ESRB and is available at North American retailers now

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