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If you were a kid growing up in the UK during the 90s, odds are you were a Sega fan--after all, the Master System did much better than the NES, paving the way for Sega's 16-bit machine. Europeans called it the Mega Drive, and while I think Genesis is a much cooler name, the games were great no matter what name was silkscreened onto its glossy black surface. The Game Gear was also better accepted in Europe, probably because you could buy an adapter that let you play Master System games on it.

Blaze Europe is giving you the chance to relive those days with the BLAZEGear, a handheld console with 30 built in Game Gear and Master System classics. It also takes a mere two AAA batteries, a far cry from the six AA's that the original Game Gear devoured in about two hours. Even better, the BLAZEGear outputs to your TV through standard AV cables, similar to the PSP. My only real concern is the game lineup--sure, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is great, but I'd really like the ability to plug my old cartridges into the handheld.

BLAZE Set their Retro Time Machine Even Further Back In Time!

Retro gaming time lords BLAZE head back to the SEGA Game Gear and Master System era with the BLAZEGear Handheld Portable Console with 30 Classic Sega games built in!

Doncaster, UK – 04/08/2010 – BLAZE have proudly announced that due to massive advances in their time travelling technology, they are able to transport us further back into the golden era of gaming and allow us to revel once more in the wizardry of Game Gear and Sega Master System classics such as Sonic Chaos, Alex kidd In Miracle Land, Kung Fu Kid and Golden Axe.

Coming pre programmed with 30 fully licensed SEGA Game Gear and Master System games, the BLAZEGear handheld is truly fully portable due to its sharp LCD screen and built in speakers.

Retro gamers who crave the full-on Game Gear experience will be thrilled to learn that the new BLAZE console can hook up directly to your TV. That’s right, glorious retro nostalgia played through your 42” flat screen!

The 30 classic, super addictive titles include: (take a deep breath!)

Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift, Sonic Chaos, Super Columns, Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine, Alex Kidd In Miracle World, Columns, Sonic Spinball, Aztec Adventure, Dragon Crystal Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone 2, Gain Ground, Kung Fu Kid, Golden Axe, Global Defense, The Ninja, Quartet, Ristar and Penguin Land!

So finish off your Wispa bar and mute your New Kids on the Block CD, the ultimate retro 80’s come back has begun, and not before time!

The BLAZEGear Handheld Console is available now from and all leading video game stores for just £29.99.

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* 30 Classic Sega Licensed Titles Built In
* Fully Portable
* Built in Colour LCD Screen
* Built in Speakers
* TV Format: PAL
* Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Not Supplied)
* Requires AV cable for game play through TV


The BLAZEGear Handheld Console is a portable video game player. There is no need to buy game cartridges as the console includes 30 licensed SEGA games built in.

Information about all BLAZE products can be found at
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