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Hardware publisher BLAZE has another peripheral for you folks across the pond.  The DSi charging kit can plug into either a standard AC wall socket or USB port, and also charges iPods and Blackberrys. The utility of this device makes it more versatile than lugging a bunch of separate chargers around with you, and bypasses the irritating problem of Nintendo switching their charging ports every hardware iteration.

The kit is available at BLAZE's website and game retailers for £9.99.

All new DSi charging kit revealed by BLAZE
Never let your batteries stop the fun! 

Charge your DSi, DS lite, Ipod and Blackberry wherever you may be!

Doncaster, UK – 14th October 2009

 BLAZE have announced all new charging solution for the DSi, DS Lite, Ipod and Blackberry giving you the freedom to play away wherever you are, safe in the knowledge you can re-energize your batteries from any wall power outlet or USB port.


We have all been there, franticly button bashing our way into the gaming hall of fame when disaster strikes! The red light of doom appears telling you that your battery is about to let go.


How dare your batteries tell you when the fun is over! 


Power to the people!

The BLAZE DS Lite / DSi AC Charger with USB gives you and your battery the power to keep going until YOU decide when enough is enough.


This all new liberating charging kit comes with a spare AC adaptor which gives rapid charging times from any wall power socket whilst the supplied USB cable ensures full battery recuperation from your PC, gaming console or any other USB equipped device.


The BLAZE DS Lite / DSi AC Charger with USB is your one stop gadget charging solution being capable of charging not only your DSi or DS Lite but also many other of your battery operated gadgets and gizmo’s.


This full charging kit is available in 2pin and 3pin versions from and leading video game stores for £9.99.


For more information please visit the link below: 

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