Awesome Fallout 3 theme for Windows Mobile 6.5

by: John -
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I love, love Fallout 3. I also used to love Windows Mobile 6.5. Yeah, you read that right. I was one of the few that enjoyed the OS just because underneath the hood, it was a pretty cool OS. I was probably lucky in the fact that my Touch Pro 2 ran well with it and I never replaced the phone because of defects.

Now I'm rocking Android with my Evo 4G (soon to be Evo 3D) and I've always been looking for a good Fallout theme. Haven't found one that really satisfies me yet, but I came across this really awesome theme for Windows Mobile 6.5. I mean, take a look at the skin. It looks incredible and with all the little details that really make it stand out. The link has even more pictures such as icons and really funny weather pictures.

Why can't someone make a nice theme like this for Android?

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