Autolog hitting the iOs

by: Jeremy -
More On: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Electronic Arts may actually be onto something with the recently revealed autolog feature that is used in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. The company has already made it known that the feature isn’t going anywhere any time soon and would be incorporated in their next NFS game, Shift 2. If the version of autolog included in Hot Pursuit wasn’t enough to convince you how great the tool is, perhaps the upcoming autolog iPhone application will...

Autolog is a stat tracking feature that keeps you in the loop with your performances in nearly every aspect of the game compared to your friends. Every race, every time trial... all of that is logged in the autolog system and those players who are linked to you via your XBL or PSN friends list are notified of your achievements... and you learn of their’s. I have only had the game for a few days now and have easily spent most of my gameplay time responding to challenges posted on my “wall” to best the performances of my friends.

EA is preparing to release an autolog application for the iOs which will allow you to monitor the stats and challenges of your autolog on the go. The app will also notifiy you when any of your benchmarks have been taken down and will lay down to gauntlet for you to go home and reclaim your throne on any given course. The application was just recently announced on the official website for Hot Pursuit and a release window wasn’t given, but you should expect it “soon”...

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