Atlus reveals The Cursed Crusade

by: Sean Colleli -
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It's hard to make a game about the Crusades that isn't an RTS. Much like Dante's Inferno, the subject matter is by no means simple and does not lend itself well to a common hack n' slash. Atlus is apparently taking the challenge with The Cursed Crusade, and this sizzle trailer has me intrigued. At first look I'd say the game is unusually mainstream for Atlus to publish, but then again there's that whole crusade thing that you don't see too often.

I'm interested to see if they can pull this off without pissing off at least three religious groups, and their handling of all the horrible stuff that went on during the crusades will have to be nuanced and insightful. Perhaps the story's focus--a young soldier searching for his father--will give the game a personal focus that will avoid a lot of the ugly religious controversy that still surrounds the crusades.

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