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Atlus kicks it up a notch with Metal Slug XX

by: Jeremy -
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Ignition brought SNK's Metal Slug 7 to the Nintendo DS back in November 2008, but Atlus looks to bring an enhanced version of the title to the PlayStation Portable on February 23, 2010.  This week announced that they would be bring the enhanced version, entitled Metal Slug XX to North American PSP's next month for the (tv announcer's voice) "low, low price" of $19.99.  The game launched in Japan back in mid December.  Metal Slug XX will bring the original 6 playable characters and all 7 missions to Sony's handheld platform along with added multiplayer modes, downloadable content / additional character(s), and challenge missions to extend the replayability (is that a real word?).  In another interesting note, the game will be available exclusively on UMD as there is no downloadable option for the title planned at this time.  PSPGo owners will have to settle for older versions of the Metal Slug series unless Atlus changes their mind...