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Atlus’ adult-themed Catherine for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is all the talk of Japan; the title seems to be the darling of the internet as many sites and media outlets have been raving over the game for months. It won’t be much longer before we can all see what the fuss is about as Atlus has finally announced a North American release for the game.

Catherine is an action-adventure / puzzle game that follows the story of Vincent Brooks. Bizarre incidents have been occurring in Vincent’s hometown which involve young men dying in their sleep. After a chance encounter with a strange women named Catherine, followed by a one night stand, Vincent begins having intense nightmares night after night... which is something that was reported by all of the recent victims in his town. Vincent must fight to survive not only the nightmares but life itself.

The concept sounds very interesting and the critical reviews of the Japanese version of the game have been incredibly high. This title could prove to be a nice change of pace in a genre (horror) that has grown stale recently in the gaming industry. The title is expected to see release this summer here in the States.

Source: Edge Online

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