Asura’s Wrath box art, let me show you it

by: Jeremy -
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The final pieces of the puzzle for Asura’s Wrath is finally coming together as Capcom has revealed the final cover art for the game and detailed the various preorder bonuses that retailers will be offering.

When the game launches on February 21, 2012, gamers will be able to pick up the following bonuses if they preordered the game from the following retail outlets:
  • Amazon: Devastator DLC pack which features two additional gauges in the game that allow the player to reduce damage taken by Asura, and fill his Unlimited Rage Gauge faster.
  • Best Buy: Infinity DLC pack which includes the Extinguisher Mode and Zealot Mode, giving players the ability to recover more quickly from overheating due to heavy attacks and prolongs the player’s time in Unlimited Rage Mode.
  • Gamestop: Preordered copies of the game will include and exclusive combination art and comic book based on the game.
It hasn’t been announced if and when the preorder bonus DLC will be made available to the general public after the initial launch. If we hear something, we will be sure to let you know.

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