Asura’s Wrath DLC U.S dates announced

by: Jeremy -
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Shortly after I posted the trailer and news regarding the Japanese release of Asura’s Wrath DLC schedule, Capcom confirms a similar schedule for North America.

The first piece of DLC, chapter 11.5 is now available on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN. Additional pieces will roll out over the next couple of weeks, concluding with the final piece in May. That final release is the highly anticipated Street Fighter crossover which will pit Asura against both Ryu and Akuma. Each of the DLC chapters will cost 160 MPS / $1.99.

The episodes prior to the May releases will be bundled together for 560 MSP / $6.88 on April 24, if you want to wait and get them all at once. Check out the official English trailer for a good glimpse at what’s to come:

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