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"Intense military sorties" are coming to the PSP soon by way of Ace Combat Joint Assault.  Fly through the skies above such locations as Tokyo, San Francisco, and London.  Players can work through different maps simultaneously in the story mode.  Alternatively, up to four people cal join up and deal with missions that evolve dynamically into multiple branching situations.

It sounds like fun.  Check out the new screens released today!

New Ace Combat™ Joint Assault Screen Assets Are Available for Download

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today released new screen assets for ACE COMBAT™ JOINT ASSAULT, coming soon to PSP® (PlayStation®Portable). This latest batch of screens illustrates the intense military sorties ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT offers as gamer’s blaze through the war torn stratosphere of real-world locations, including Tokyo, San Francisco, and London.

Developed by Project Aces, ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT features the new “Joint Assault Mission System” which enables players to work through different maps simultaneously in story mode. Up to four players can join in and make an impact on each others’ tactical situations, allowing the missions to dynamically evolve in multiple branches. ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT will also offer an enhanced view of combat that heightens the player’s sense of speed and intensifies the feel of battle.

Additionally, ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT will enable up to 8 players to compete for aerial dominance in versus battles via infrastructure supported wireless online gameplay. Players will also have the option of enjoying versus battles in Ad hoc Party.

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