As war draws to a close, the demoman and soldier get their final rewards

by: John -
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The big battle between the soldiers and demonen are coming to an end in Team Fortress 2. Did you do your part? I know I did. The new rewards though have finally been laid out with the last of the new weapons as well as new achievements.

The Soldier gets "The Equalizer", which is a pickaxe which beomes more powerful the less health you have. It can get to a point of being an instant kill should you are at a very low point in your life bar. "The Buff Banner" is a call to arms item. Once you fill the meter, you can pull out a bugle to signal that everyone on your team can deal mini-crits for the next 14 seconds. That's what I call teamwork.

Not to be left out in the cold, the Demoman gets a brand new grenade launcher."The Scottish Resistance" lets you detonate just the bombs you are viewing so you can put a few in certain areas and control which ones to explode. It takes a little longer to prime and it's less useful for air jumps and close range combat.

And, both classes get 35 new achievements to boot. Can't wait to see what the classes others get.
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