Arthrox and the X'or set to battle humanity

by: Sean M -
More On: Legends of Pegasus
Kalypso has released screenshots of a third race from their upcoming game Legends of Pegasus.

Called the Arthrox, they appear to be a collective organic race that see themselves as part of the universe and not separate from it. They say that they are "Born from the stars, we live in a harmony with the planets; we are part of the universe." So they appear to be quite monistic in their views. However, they are separated into several different tribes with their own queens leading them. 

All of their ships are of organic origin as well. According to the press release, "when a ship is built, the hull (the h’aron) and the pilot (the saror) form a symbiosis, making the ship an individual." Their ships are fast, but not well armored. As a result they appear to rely heavily on shields for protection.

Contrast this with the previously revealed X'or, and it looks like Legends of Pegasus will be fun game indeed.

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