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Yeah, so the title is weak. For those of you following Wooden Ships of War by Salvo! you'll be pleased to know that the game has received a new gold date. The new gold date is May 1st, and not only that... but now the game is being released for Mac users too. Talk about showing some love for the Mac guys....
Salvo! Receives New Gold Date, Plus Added Compatability!
Wooden Ships of War Will Sail on the PC and Mac!

Cary, NC, 31 March 2005

Recently there's been some grumbling down at the docks regarding the fact that Salvo!,
the Age of Sail single-player experience from Spruegames and Shrapnel Games, is still
laid up in drydock, even though the projected gold date was March. Well, put down the
torches and cutlasses (we see that look you've been giving us) and pick up the grog and
bar wenches again, because the harbormaster has assured us that Salvo! is prepping for
launch. The new projected gold date is right around the corner, May 1st.

While the delay is disappointing (as they are wont to be, unless we're talking from the
perspective of being a condemned pirate awaiting a date with the yardarm…) those of
you who sail the digital seas on a Mac will be excited to learn that Salvo! will now be
available for the Mac also! Originally planned as a post-PC release, Spruegames has
decided to steam full speed ahead on the Mac port (OS X and classic) to ensure gamers of
all sorts will have access to Salvo! as soon as it clears port.

To help ease some of the pain of the delay, and to allow Mac users the same benefits their
PC brethren had access to, Shrapnel Games is putting Salvo! back on its pre-order
discount status until April 15th. Gamers who place a pre-order for Salvo! through the e-
store of Shrapnel Games, The Gamers Front ( will be able to
purchase the title for $34.95. Once April 16th hits Salvo! returns to its regular price of
$39.95, so don't delay!

Salvo! is the much anticipated single-player strategy game of warfare on the high seas
during the height of the tall ships, the 17th through 19th centuries. With all five of the
major sailing powers represented, along with the treachery of two pirate forces, a slew of
scenarios, and a list of ship types that would make Jane's proud, gamers will relish the
variety of battles to be fought.

Using a control scheme that emphasizes ease of use, players will be able to command
everything from a single ship to an entire fleet, streamlining play and making Salvo!
accessible to all types of gamers. Eschewing the database style of strategy gaming,
Salvo! favors a highly visual approach to feedback, allowing players to play the game,
rather than read the game.

On the subject of gameplay Andrew Lonon of Spruegames recently said, "Seeing the
different elements work together is very rewarding. The scenarios are providing the
exact blend of historical flavor and free action that a strict historical representation cannot
provide, and the AI does a wonderful job of providing challenging play, intelligent
maneuvers and enough variety to surprise you even after playing a scenario several
times." Huzzah!

Look for an upcoming demo for Salvo! on the Shrapnel Games website
(, and don't forget to take advantage of the special pre-order
pricing on the game, now through the 15th of April at the Gamers Front
( Choose priority mail and shipping is free!

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