Army of Two:The 40th Day will allow for custom masks and armor (updated)

by: Chuck -
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The folks behind Army of Two:The 40th Day announced via their twitter feed that you will be able to create your own custom ballistic masks and armor in the game.  There aren't any details on this yet as there's only so much you can put in 140 characters but we've got an e-mail in to EA to see if this will be done via an in-game tool or if you'll be able to import things like you can in the EA sports games.

Update (Chuck) - We just got the official word from EA and it sounds pretty sweet.  Here's the straight scoop from EA:

The Mask/Armor creator is a web-based tool that will be available at our official site. It’s essentially an art tool that lets you place and manipulate text/shapes/etc. It’s fairly basic, but is flexible enough to allow for some really cool designs. Skate 2 has a similar feature, so you can see what’s possible in their gallery. Mask/Armor designs can be sent in-game via the website, as well as published/shared in a gallery (and there are some other cool features for sharing/collaborating on designs). We’re going to launch it sometime before the release of Army of Two: The 40th Day (no date yet) so that players can have their designs ready to go day one :)

Sounds pretty sweet.
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