Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - Kate Upton has beautiful "eyes"

by: Nathaniel -
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What is this I don't even.....

Part comedy skit, part Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel trail-vertisement, and part KATE UPTON, this "video" from Skullcandy is the second in the Take a Supermodel to Work Day series.  Here we see the beautiful (And not at all fat, Internet, what's wrong with you? - mildly NSFW link) Kate Upton show up at a music studio to lay down tracks with Big Boi and Steve Johnson, but since they're too engrossed by Army of Two: The Devils Cartel, they don't even notice that freaking swimsuit model, and current "it" girl, KATE FREAKING UPTON wants to play videogames with them.  Instead, she's pawned off to the "producers" who seem like they got lost on their way to the new The Lonely Island video shoot.  

Hilarity ensues.  

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