Armored Core V muliplayer vid

by: Nathaniel -
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I love mech games.  Even before mech games existed I loved the idea even though it wasn't real yet.  However, I have never really played anything in the Armored Core series.  It's always seemed a little obtuse to me; but as mech games get thinner and thinner on the ground, and my urge to play them grows stronger, I'm afraid I'll soon reach a breaking point and have no choice but to dive into the Armored Core series.  The following video, narrated by the ridiculously named "FilthieRich," shows Armored Core V's multiplayer in action.  Namco Bandai also want to remind people that if you pre-order Armored Core V from North American GameStops or, you'll get access to the Heavy Assault Pack while supplies last.  It features more than 168 parts and weapons that should give any player a competitive advantage in Armored Core V's intense multiplayer battles.  

Armored Core V hits stores on March 20th in North America for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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