Arma 2: Chernarus Map Collection (Review)

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In recent wake of the popularity with Arma 2 zombie survival mod Day Z, developer Bohemia Interactive has made available a limited edition run of double-sided maps that were previously only packaged inside game releases. The Chernarus Map Collection includes two large double-sided maps featuring the Arma locations of Chernarus, Sahrani, Takistan, Shapur, and Proving Grounds, in addition to a bonus set of eight postcards. The map collection retails for $15 by itself, or for free if purchasing the Arma X: Anniversary Edition through Bohemia Interactive's digital store.

Each of the maps included in the collection are of the utmost quality in both their presentation and attention to detail. In particular, the Chernarus map is quite impressive when viewed up-close with the inclusion of numerous rural and urban features from forests to individual buildings in villages and cities. With the map's massive size, heavily-populated cities are presented in clear detail for viewing at a far or close distance. The Chernarus map is designed as a brochure with included picture guide of key locations and legend with an extensive list of icons. Other maps in the collection share the same level of quality with every detail displayed in a concise manner.

In regards to Day Z, the map was quite helpful in finding landmarks while traversing the expansive hills, forests, and valleys of Chernarus. When searching the map for a particular landmark or current position, it is highly recommended to lay prone and hide in a concealed area to avoid any unexpected bandit or zombie attacks. There are an array of interactive maps online that are easier to use than its physical equivalent. However, none succeed in offering the quaint and tactile experience of handling an actual map. For the complete Day Z experience, simply cook some beans, load a pistol, fill canteens with water, pitch a tent, and mark locations for looting on the Chernarus map.

The additional maps feature other islands and locations from Arma 2 as well as Arma: Armed Assault. Each of the maps are printed on thick and glossy paper that should endure the test of time through use with Day Z or on display inside a frame. The bonus set of postcards feature artwork from each game and expansion in the Arma series since the original Arma: Cold War Assault (formerly known as Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis). Other than their practical use, the postcards simply serve as a nice addition to a fan's collection of Arma games.

While the Chernarus Map Collection might not interest everyone, Arma fans and Day Z enthusiasts should grab a copy for use while in-game or to put on display. Bohemia Interactive has to be commended for its effort of providing fans with a high quality and worthwhile collection of maps. In the harsh landscape of Chernarus, any advantage over bandits and zombies is always appreciated with the ever-continuing struggle for survival.

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