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ArmA II screens show a breathtaking picture

by: Dan -
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This one is for our cousins across the pond...I'm jealous.
IDEA games updated the ArmA II homepage today and also showed off some of the new in-game screens of the landscape.  The game is the latest in the Operation Flashpoint series and I have to say that the detail is incredible, especially for a Tactical Shooter.  The game is supposed to have over 140 sq miles of open world play, including 217 miles of road with more than 50 cities and villages and over 1 million objects.  It was mentioned that the landscape is based off of the real-world Ceske Stredohori mountains in Bohemia, Czech Republic.  Check out the official YouTube channel for more information.  ArmA II is slated for a June 26th 2009 release in Europe on PC, while dates for next gen consoles haven't been announced yet.

Seriously, something of this high-quality needs to be released in the U.S.
Homepage update introducing the landscape of the post-Soviet country of
Chernarus is released today
Prague Czech Republic, May 1, 2009 - Bohemia Interactive and IDEA Games
today announce a new update to the ARMA II homepage. This time
introducing a unique opportunity to explore the world of the
post-Soviet republic of Chernarus, which is the setting of this highly
anticipated Military Simulator. The latest piece of Intel, showing us
an in-depth look at the ARMA II environment, has been declassified
this morning for immediate analysis at http://www.arma2.com
North-Eastern Chernarus is a hilly area with rocky coastlines; the
tallest hilltops reach more than 700 m above sea level, covered with
temperate forests. The environment is still relatively untouched from
logging and mining. The biggest cities and industry are concentrated
on the southern coast. There are mostly smaller villages inland,
situated in deep valleys, hidden in fo¬rested ridges or on elevated
plateaus with lush meadows.
ARMA II consists of 225 square kilometer of highly detailed sandbox
landscape, modeled with stunning detail and precision and using
real-world geographical data of the Ceske Stredohori mountains. A
picturesque area of the volcanic origin situated in the middle of the
European continent, the mountains are located in the northern part of
the Czech republic (GPS location for reference:  50°42'6.477"N,
14°7'55.217"E). Covered by 235 megapixel of open, accurate, aerial map
(15.3602 pixels), 350 km of roads, more than 50 cities and villages
and with over 1 million objects, ARMA II is a true master piece of
environment, never seen before in first person shooter or simulator
type games.
ARMA II benefits from an internal realism based vegetation system
called LINDA, capable of generating highly realistic vegetation both
for massive real-time as well as offline rendering. Linda generates
vegetation based on real biological processes including its
development during a passage of time.
The website update provides a detailed glimpse into the world of
Chernarus, including in-depth descriptions of the historical and
political situations, as well as a description of specific regions
modeled to real world geographic data, with extreme precision via
in-game images. The Intel was declassified in thematic groups every 12
hours starting this morning at 10:00 CET.
ARMA II will be available in 2009.
About ARMA2
ARMA 2 is set in a near future, year 2009, in a fictional state of
Chernarus, a post-Soviet country where civil war raged for over 2
painful years. As a leader of USMC Force Recon team, you are sent with
your squad to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure ongoing
stability in Chernarus.

ARMA 2 is based on the latest generation technology, offering a
large-scale game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern units,
weapons, vehicles and environments, challenging single player and a
vast array of multiplayer options.  http://arma2.com I YouTube profile
: ARMA2offical
ARMA 2, developed by Bohemia Interactive, will be available across
Europe in 2009.