Arkham City performance issues needs a DirectX change until a patch is out

by: John -
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So, I got my copy of Batman: Arkham City for the PC and I was all giddy about taking down the dregs of Gotham City. With my computer housing an Intel i7-2600K and a GeForce GTX 580 as well as a GeForce GT 460 for PhysX, I figured I could turn on all the settings up to the maximum and enjoy some very visually stunning Batman goodness.

Well, not so fast. I had a ton of stuttering and a lot of times where the framerate dipped down to the single digits. It didn't make any sense seeing as I can run a lot of things without any issues.

Looks like DirectX 11 is the culprit. The forums has word that Rocksteady knows about the issue and will issue a patch soon to fix this.  In the meantime, you'll have to dumb it down to DirectX 9 to get good performance.

Sure enough. As soon as a changed from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9, the game ran like buttah. If you're having issues with performance and you have a pretty beefy machine, do that until the patch is issued and you should be good as gold.

It does beg the question though, if the PC version was delayed to help refine it, how did this get missed in QA?
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