Arkham City is a single player experience only and other tidbits

by: John -
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IGN did an interview with Rocksteady on Batman: Arkham City. This is a game I'm pretty excited about, having a fabulous time with Arkham Asylum. From a few videos seen, we thought there would be some multiplayer or co-op action involved. Not so, it seems.

Rocksteady is focusing all their energy on the single player experience only, so those wanting to team up in the next game will be disappointed. Still, I'm not sad about the decision as focusing on a great single player game is something that I think a lot of companies lose focus on sometimes when trying to give the consumer both. There's always a market for great single player games and I hope Arkham City fulfills that.

The interview also talks a little bit about Hugo Strange, the main protagonist, as well as Catwoman.
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