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Are you 1999 enough to handle BioShock Infinite's 1999 mode?

by: Nathaniel -
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Just about the only complaint I could level at the original BioShock was that it was too easy.  Even on the hardest mode, the Vita Chambers meant persistence was all I needed to prevail.  A patch later gave us the option to turn the Vita Chambers off, and that made the game so much better.  BioShock 2 simply gave you the option to turn Vita Chambers off from the get go, so it was never an issue, and now BioShock Infinite is taking it a step farther.  According to the Irrational Blog, they are adding a difficulty simply known as "1999 mode."  1999 mode will feature "permanent consequences" where every choice you make carries with it a chance for failure you can't go back on.  It will also offer no respawn points (I'm assuming that means no Vita Chambers) and limited ammo because those things are just not 1999 enough.  There will be game saves though, but I doubt anyone really thought there wouldn't be.  Otherwise, they'd have to call it 1989 mode, mirite?  BioShock Infinite is due out sometime this year.  

[via: ign.com]