Are there insanely huge trucks in Hardware: Shipbreakers? Yes, yes there are

by: Randy -
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At this very moment, my three-year-old daughter is sitting on the sidewalk in front of our house, watching construction workers cut holes in the street and insert underground pipes. Huge trucks are involved, and her toddler brain is hardwired to want to know what's up with those huge trucks.

Blackbird Interactive, the indie team putting together Hardware: Shipbreakers, knows this about people--knows that enormous vehicles can trigger a dopamine drip in our cerebellum.

This Hardware: Shipbreakers trailer showcases a huge truck. Like what-the-heck huge. Along with the concept art-like art style, I'm in love with what I'm seeing from this online real-time strategy game. It's definitely registering a dopamine drip at the base of my brain.
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