Archos set to release gaming tablet in Europe

by: Dan -
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The folks at Archos announced today that they will be bringing a new gaming tablet to the European market late Summer/early Fall called the GamePad.  I have been visiting with them at CES the last few years and it has been interesting to follow them as the have evolved their tablet lineup all the way to the announcement of today’s hybrid gaming tablet.  Based on the specs and design, the GamePad appears to be after those core gamers than have jumped to the mobile gaming world, but love their traditional gaming controls. 

The GamePad will ship with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich, with the 7” screen powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and an ARM Mali 400mp quad-core GPU.  There are dual analog sticks for precise gaming as well as auto game recognition and mapping tools to ensure the game compatibility.  It also looks to have 8 GB internal storage, HDMI video out, and microSD slot and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Although the design appears similar to what the Wii U is trying to pull off with its controller, the GamePad has over 1,000 games already compatible and access to over 10,000 total games via Google Play.  As a bonus, it can do anything a traditional Android tablet is capable of such as browsing the internet, mail, movies and more.  The GamePad will retail for less than 150 Euros (just under $190 U.S.) and have a European launch date near the end of October 2012.

I know the big question is will it be coming to the U.S..  Well, I spoke with representatives of ARCHOS this afternoon and they confirmed that the GamePad is also on its way to the U.S. market, but pricing and a release date were not available at this time.

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