ArcheAge looks to bring a little sandbox to MMO’s

by: Jeremy -
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XL Games has released the first trailer for their upcoming MMO ArcheAge. The game, which uses Crytek’s CryENGINE 2 and 3 engines, looks to mix up the standard MMO-formula a little bit.

In ArcheAge, players will have a major impact on the environment around them; the idea is to add a variety of sandbox elements into the standard MMO formula. Players will impact both the evolution and design of their individual worlds according to the developer(s), which will eventually result in drastically different servers over the game’s lifespan. This could be something that really helps to further the MMO genre as it is becoming a bit formulaic in recent years; someone has to come along and mix things up a bit in order to advance the genre all together...

Source: PikiGeek

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