Arcade classic Dig Dug turns 30 this month

by: Russell -
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As time goes on, we keep hitting up on some milestone anniversaries of classic games that some of us enjoyed in our childhood.  While I didn't get a chance to play too many arcade games when I was younger, Dig Dug is a game that went beyond the arcade.  I don't believe the US got the original game on the NES (I think that was only in Japan on the Famicom), we did get it's sequel Dig Dug II.  Since then we've had numerous other releases, both downloadable and physical, and multiple ports of the original arcade game, mainly on Namco game collections.  Even today I'll pull out either Dig Dug II on the NES or Dig Dug: Digging Strike on the DS to pass the time, or even fire up the original if I have it available.  A simple game, yet one still played today.  If you have a chance to pick this one up, you can probably find a version of it on whatever system you own today...well, just about anyway.

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