Apple iPhone 4G rumors running rampant with new photos

by: Dan -
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With the 1st-gen iPad now in circulation and IPhone 4.0 OS details officially announced, it looks like the next Apple product that needs vetting is the iPhone 4G. Well, apparently Engadget has had a photo of the prototype of it for awhile and didn’t even know it. They thought it was a knock-off, until they realized in the photo it was sitting next to the iPad prototype which they believe was taken in an Apple test lab.

Since this all went down, several photos have bee leaked in the last several days from a website called WeiPhone. The supposed iPhone 4G design looks to have a few changes, with a more squared off body, front facing camera and buttons replacing the volume rocker switch.

Anyway, here is the image from, and you can see further images at engadget so make your own evaluation…

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