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Apple drops price of iPod lineup prior to today's event

by: Dan -
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Apparently, Apple let the cat out of the bag a bit early this morning by dropping the price on its entire iPod lineup on the Apple Store before today's "Rock and Roll" event, where they are expected to announce a new lineup of iPods. Dropping of prices is unusual, as Apple normally moves inventory to clearance and rolls out new products immediately after an announcement. There had been some rumors of delays for the new iPods (possibly camera components) which could have forced Apple to drop the price instead of clearancing the current stock until the new models are ready. Here is what the Apple Store (currently down and being refreshed apparently) had as the new lower pricing:

iPod Nano (8GB): $130 down from $150
iPod Nano (16GB): $150 down from $200
iPod Classic (120GB): $230 down from $250
iPod Touch (8GB): $190 down from $230
iPod Touch (16GB): $250 down from $300
iPod Touch (32GB): $280 down from $400

Normally I would say jump all over the Touches, but with the new models probably being announced in a little more than a couple hours, it is best to wait and then see the price difference and if the updated features are worth the extra cash.

Thanks to Ars Technica for the info and the screen.