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by: Dan -
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Connected is a simple, yet confounding puzzle game by made-up software. It sucks you in on the early levels, but the deeper you get, the more complex and confounding the game becomes. In fact, you start wondering where Mario is, because you want to make a call to a plumber to get some help and ease the pressure on your brain.

The basic premise of Connected is to take the different pipe shapes and connect them so all the inputs and all of the pipes are connected without any open ends. While it sounds simple, it is very difficult moving the pipe tiles around until you get everything lined up due to the game adding in elements of a classic slide-puzzle.

I spent hours going through the puzzles, some which came to me quickly, and others that I simply couldn’t get. The best of the worst is the infamous Puzzle 40, which is so tough that made-up Software has created a Hall of Fame page on their official site that only has 28 submissions so far. I personally haven’t had any luck with it yet, but I will keep on trying. The great thing is that once you progress to the next level, you can continue on to the next puzzle in the level if you get stumped on one of them.

Overall Connected is a great distraction for anyone that enjoys a good puzzler and wants to challenge their brain. At $0.99, it is a great investment that will provide hours upon hours of play and fun. Final GamingNexus Grade: A

Connected was originally released to the AppStore by made-up software in June 2009 and is currently on version 1.0.1 and has a list price of $0.99. Check out screen shots below.

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