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Fans of military simulation games and PC classics will be happy to hear that Apache Longbow, originally released back in 1995, has arrived on Good Old Games for the low price of six dollars. The game includes a "realistic" mode that was actually used by Apache helicopter pilots for training purposes. For a simplified experience, gamers can play the "Arcade" mode that allows for instant action. In the future, developer iEntertainment promises further simulation games appearing on digital stores.

iEntertainment Network Inc. Entertains Classic Gamers on GOG.com
Renowned creator of PC simulations lands in GOG.com catalog, starting with Apache Longbow for $5.99

Warsaw, Poland (28 February 2012) -- GOG.com, the digital distribution platform famed for its DRM-free, flat prices, and love of customers, has added its first game from simulation masters iEntertainment Network, Inc., (IENT), to its catalog as Apache Longbow flies into the catalog.

Founded by MicroProse Software co-founder JW “Wild Bill” Stealey, Lt. Colonel, USAF (Retired), iEntertainment has created a number of hit simulations that let PC gamers experience the excitement, challenge, and complexity of military combat operations.

Apache Longbow
, initially developed by Digital Integration and released in 1995, was an impressively realistic take on flying the most deadly helicopter ever designed at the time. Featuring a “realistic” mode, real enough that the developers had actual Apache helicopter pilots test-flying the for accurate flight modeling, Apache Longbow also had a simplified “Arcade” mode for gamers who just wanted to have fun blasting away at targets without completing the comprehensive training missions. Featuring three different theaters of war in addition to the training grounds, Apache Longbow was one of the “finest helicopter simulations ever made”, according to Gamespot’s Tal Blevins.

Apache Longbow
is available now on GOG.com for just $5.99, and is just the first game from iEntertainment Network Inc. that will be showing up on GOG.com in the future. Fans of simulations should stay tuned as the digital distribution outlet ads more titles from the American developer.


About iEntertainment Network, Inc.
iEntertainment Network, Inc. trades in the United States under the public company symbol, (IENT.pk). IENT has been a leader in Online Simulation Gaming since 1995, including its famous World War II flight simulation, WarBirds 2012. IENT’s websites include www.IENT.com, www.Totalsims.com, and www.M4TankBrigade.com. Apache Longbow was developed by Digital Illusions of the UK and released in the United States by iEntertainment Network as its first combat flight simulator in the early days of IENT.

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