Antec giving you 2.1 speakers with 3D assistance

by: John -
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Antec's known for their cases, but here's a speaker set that might get them on the map. The soundscience rockus 2.1 features two anodized aluminum satellites and an active subwoofer. Something different though is that there's a 3D mode that can take sound and simulate surround audio.

Input includes an optical option so that you can pump surround sound into the rockus 2.1 and use the simulated 3D tech to get surround sound through the setup. It remains to be seen how good the surround sound can be though when compared to a true 5.1 speaker setup, but for those with small desk areas, this might be a good choice. 

All this doesn't come cheap as the set is retailing for $250 and can be purchased at Amazon, NewEgg, and Antec's own store.

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