Another week, another Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekend event...

by: Nathaniel -
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Two weeks ago it was killing Reapers on silver difficulty.  Last week, it was a 25% xp bonus.  This week your task, as part of Operation Raptor, is to promote two characters by leveling them up to 20, then hitting the "promote" button.  If you manage to pull this off with the aid of a 10% xp bonus also running this weekend, you'll recieve a Commendation Pack.  

If a total of 150,000 characters are successfully promoted, then everyone that met the individual goal gets a Victory Pack as well.

Is it just me, or does promoting two characters to level 20 over the course of a weekend seem like a potentially impossible task for any players that don't have more than one character at or above level 15 or so?  

Whether you think so or not, Operation: Raptor runs from 5pm PST Friday, March 30 until 5am PST Monday, April 2 with potential awards available the following week.

I do plan on spending a lot of time playing Mass Effect 3 this weekend, but I probably won't be taking part in Operation: Raptor - it sounds suspiciously like work to me.

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