Another possible Left 4 Dead 3 leak along with Source2?

by: John -
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I, and many others, are clamoring for another installment of Left 4 Dead so when there's even an inkling of news on the game, I'm all over it. Kotaku spotted something in one of the pictures that a DOTA2 player took while visiting the Valve office.

Yeah, there's a mention of Source2 and a Left 4 Dead 3 unit test. A unit test is a test us programmers write to test a small part of a larger code base. It's made to be re-runnable and it helps lets us know when past functionalities breaks when we start mucking with other things. 

While it's not surprising that there would be something in the office of Valve for Left 4 Dead 3 (or some OTHER game that has a 3 in it), at least we get to see another little mention of a game that I'm truly excited for even though it hasn't been announced officially yet.
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