Another edition of "Things Mass Effect 3 tweeted"

by: Nathaniel -
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The official Mass Effect 3 Twitter feed has, once again, been a busy little bee today and tweeted several delicious pieces of "straight-from-the-horse's mouth" information on Mass Effect 3, which is out in less that two months now.  Obviously there are spoilers of the mild variety ahead, so if you're going 100% spoiler-free, don't read any further.  Actually, I wouldn't even call them "mild" spoilers; they're more like "minor spoilers."
  • War Assets can be anything that helps the cause, from NPCs to entire fleets.
  • Sometimes territory is controlled by the Reapers, that changes due to major plotpoints.
  • When you enter occupied territory, you MAY be chased down by the Reapers.  Winning a minigame will have you escape them.
  • Major plotpoints also affect the state of the Normandy.
  • The choices affect your reputation with NPCs, while some may render some missions "mutually exclusive". That also occurs with dead squaddies
  • If a ME1/2 character is dead, 1)A different plotpoint opens up, or 2)Plotpoints don't occur, 3) They get a replacement.
  • As we already knew, the Citadel is going to be much bigger than ME1 or 2.
Mass Effect 3 arrives on March 6th.

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