Animal Crossing 3D still alive and kicking

by: Jeremy -
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I have to be honest with you here... I have been a huge fan of the Animal Crossing games in the past. As much as it pains me to admit it publicly, I have poured (literally) hundreds of hours into each of the various versions released here in the states. I got very excited when I heard that Animal Crossing 3DS announced a while back but have been saddened by the lack of updates released on the project. Thanks to Nintendo’s pre-TGS press conference held last night, I can happily report that the project is still alive and kicking.

Nintendo has released a new trailer in Japan for the game and Youtube user NintenDaanNC has been posting them furiously. While the trailer doesn’t explain the updated features and additions that the game may (or may not) be getting, it does show off a ton of gameplay. It looks like the same old Animal Crossing that many gamers know and love, and it also appears as though you will be able to do a little swimming this time around as well (chalk that up in the “new” category).

Hopefully more concrete details about the project will surface this week as the Tokyo Game Show kicks off.

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