Angry Birds invade the Far East with updates

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I guess those little birds were finally mad enough to move overseas, as the release of Angry Birds Seasons v1.6 brings a very oriental theme to the game to celebrate the Moon Festival. There are 30 brand new levels that have pagodas, rabbits and red lanterns, all with a harvest moon backdrop. For those that love the challenge of the hidden objects, there are eight pieces of Mooncake hidden which unlocks a special Mooncake level.

Not to be left out, Angry Birds Rio has an update as well for iOS, which fixes some stability issues within iOS, has 12 new levels, and “Airfield Chase” Episode and four new achievements.

So if you family BBQ stinks over the Labor Day Weekend, just pull out your handheld device and work your way through the new levels.

Angry Birds celebrate Moon Festival with new update for Seasons

It’s September and the moon is full and high as the Angry Birds head to China for the mooncake festival! The 3000-year-old harvest festival is one of the most important Chinese holidays, and the pigs think they can hide themselves in the midst of all the celebrations.

Help the Angry Birds as they chase the pigs through 30 brand new levels filled with pagodas, rabbits, and red lanterns, lit by a dazzling harvest moon. Collect the eight hidden pieces of mooncake and you'll be rewarded with a bonus level!
Update now available for iOS.

Angry Birds Seasons gets another great boost with the Mighty Eagle! The game's baddest bird is finally available for seasons.
Mighty Eagle is an in-app purchase and costs $.99/£.59/€.79 to buy. This is a one-time purchase.
You can use the Mighty Eagle to skip a level, unlock the next one, and avance in the game. However, there is a limitation: you can only skip one level per hour!

In levels that you have already passed with the regular birds, you can use the Mighty Eagle without limitations.
Why would you want to use the Mighty Eagle in levels you've already completed? Because Mighty Eagle brings new additional highscores and achievements!

Whenever you summon the Mighty Eagle, you get a special destruction gauge -- fill it up to 100% and you get an Eagle Feather achievement! All new gameplay, all new replay value!

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