Angry Birds continue their attack on the gaming world

by: Jeremy -
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Rovio’s Angry Birds isn’t just a fad... I have a feeling that these little guys might be here to stay. This past week, the company announced that the original title has been downloaded over 50 million times across its various platforms. That is a “5“ with seven zeroes ladies and gentleman...

Along with the announcement of that benchmark, Rovio confirmed that they aren’t done with the game yet. Angry Birds will receive another “seasonal” expansion in just over a month with a Valentine’s Day version of the game. In addition to that expansion, the series is also planning to make its biggest leap yet... onto the likes of Facebook.

The Facebook version of Angry Birds is scheduled to launch in April and will undoubtedly shoot that 50 million number upwards in a major way. Rovio is remaining tight-lipped on what exactly they have in store for the Facebook version of the game, but they are ensuring everyone that it will be Facebook’s biggest game yet... and also “much more”.

Source: PocketGamer

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