Angry Birds 2 coming?

by: Jeremy -
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Rovio previously stated that they had no plans to produce a sequel to the smash-hit mobile game Angry Birds... but were they being honest? During a story that aired on a German television network covering Rovio, screenshots were shown within the various footage that don’t match up with any Angry Birds game that we have seen thus far.

The news story, shown below, shows a wide variety of gameplay footage but a couple of shots visible at 01:55 and 04:16 depict stages that have not appeared in the original, Halloween, or Christmas editions of the game. It is known that Rovio is planning a Valentine’s Day edition of the game and that version is discussed in the story but the screens in question don’t match up with the descriptions offered for the Valentine’s Day level designs.

Could this be the first glimpse of a true sequel to Angry Birds? Maybe... maybe not... either way the story is still interesting to view if you are a fan of Angry Birds.

Source: G4TV

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