And your Mega Man 10 bosses are...

by: Jeremy -
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 In the recent issue of CoroCoro Comic, a monthly Japanese manga magazine, the full boss roster for Capcom's upcoming Mega Man 10 has officially been unveiled.  The list was leaked via a video during the recent CES, but this is the first official showing  that is sanctioned by Capcom.  The bosses that Mega Man will be challenging in the new game are as follows:
Blade Man
Chill Man
Commando Man
Nitro Man
Pump Man
Sheep Man
Solar Man
Strike Man
There are some scans floating around from the Japanese magazine, but they are very poor in quality.  It shouldn't be long before Capcom releases the official images of the bosses which will allow us to get a good look at all of them.  Don't let the names like Sheep Man and Pump Man fool you can count on the fact that these guys are not going to be a piece of cake... 
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