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And we have a winner for the Kinect bounty

by: John -
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Adafruit set forth a bounty to ask the hacking community to make an open source driver for Kinect so that PCs can take advantage of the camera system. Well, that bounty has now been collected as a hacker named Hector has released drivers that support depth and RGB images.

So what does this mean? We might start seeing a ton of new applications for the camera system and have it used in many and new exciting ways. It's no longer locked to just the Microsoft console and anyone with a PC can try and utilize Kinect in their projects.

I know that Microsoft really wanted to try and keep this from happening, but sometimes it's better to let many folks in the development community work on a project in order to further expand the capabilities. Will we see some cool stuff come out of this? Who knows, but the possibility is there now.