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DemigodWe've been following Demigod for about nine months -- the veritable gestation period for a human child -- and now the day of reckoning for an unsuspecting Gas Powered Games pantheon of gods is soon at hand.  (That's April 14, for you would-be immortals.)  Demigod has officially gone gold; in other words, sent to the manufacturer for pressing copies, one week before it starts shipping from retailers.  And in case you're wondering which disc you want exactly -- regular or unleaded -- we've got a low-fi screenshot after the jump of what the collector's edition holds: a pewter figurine (not sure if all of them will be the Rook, but it's plausible as well as desirable), the CD soundtrack, and a poster which hints that it could be the regular edition's box cover art. 

I'll cop to the fact that, at first, the screens and the overall idea bore me on skeptical wings.  But gradual exposure to the Planescape nature of the battlefields, as well as the character's war-burdened desire to be a god driving them onward, began to pour and cement themselves into my world-weary foundations.  Piecing together that this would become a war of very few words and plenty of pounding began to turn my head.  And there's just something unpeakably majestic about the arenas both austere and epic.

Demigod is priced at the economically-friendly $39.95, whereas the collector's edition is going for ten bucks more at $49.95 (about the price of a standard edition PC game).

Demigod Collector's Edition
Rising to the Pantheon: Demigod Goes Gold


- New PC action strategy game to hit retail shelves on April 14 -


PLYMOUTH, MI (APRIL 6, 2009) - Stardock ( announced today that the highly anticipated real-time action strategy PC game, Demigod, has gone gold. Demigod is set to hit store shelves in North America on April 14 and will also be available for download on Stardock’s digital distribution platform Impulse ( Pre-orders are now available on Impulse for both the standard edition ($39.95) and the collector’s edition ($49.95).


Developed by renowned gaming studio Gas Powered Games, Demigod delivers an epic game experience by combining elements of its acclaimed strategy game Supreme Commander and its award-winning Dungeon Siege role-playing game series.


In Demigod, a god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Players take control of a Demigod, waging war in spectacular arenas against others to ascend to godhood.


Each battle takes place in an arena, where players earn gold and experience in battle which can then be used to acquire new abilities, learn magical spells, purchase better equipment and improve their faction’s Citadel with the goal to lay waste to the opposing faction.


Demigod makes use of Stardock’s Impulse Reactor which provides intelligent match-making, on-line tournaments, player skill ratings, and much more. 


“We are extremely happy with how Demigod has turned out,” said Stardock’s CEO and president Brad Wardell. “Demigod is the kind of game that we think players will be playing years from now. It has a really fun single-player tournament, and it has online features that let both casual and competitive players create their own fun and unique gaming experiences.”


"We're proud of what the Demigod team has accomplished," said Chris Taylor, CEO of Gas Powered Games. "They've created an original world and setting, with spectacular art direction and characters, and have matched it with unique gameplay that seamlessly mixes elements from multiple genres."


While most PC games are released at $49.95 or more, Demigod has been priced at only $39.95 due largely to Stardock and GPG’s confidence that Demigod is a game that will appeal to a very broad set of PC gamers.


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