And then there were four potential Madden victims

by: Dan -
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Voting for the Madden 12 cover has reached the Final Four with a few upsets along the way. Players left in ESPN’s bracket are Aaron Rodgers vs. Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick vs. Adrian Peterson. Can’t say I am surprised by the final four except for Hillis, who has taken out Ray Rice, Matt Ryan and Jamaal Charles to get there. Cleveland fans must have been voting in droves.

The other three are no surprise, as you have the Comeback Player of the year (and most controversial) in Vick, Super Bowl winning QB in Rodgers and one of the best RBs in the game in Peterson. As a side note, with Vick still in play, we could see out first-ever repeat cover athlete for the game. Voting for this round is up until April 18th, and then final round votes will be taken from 4/18 until 4/26.
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