And then there was light...

by: Dan -
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Yesterday, I headed over to the Apple Store at Easton Town Center here in Columbus for a Genius Bar appointment for my recently non-functional iPod Touch. Not knowing what to expect, I arrived a few minutes ahead of my scheduled appointment to get a feel for what they intended to do.

When I walked in the store, I was greeted twice and quickly whisked back to the Genius Bar where Sean took a look and determined that the backlighting had indeed failed, and that a replacement iPod Touch was the solution. While the Apple one year warranty does not allow for the updating to newer equipment by paying the difference (c'mon Apple, get with the picture on this), I was able to get a partially refurbished 2nd generation 8GB iPod Touch as the replacement. Partially refurbished means that at least 90% of the device is brand new, including anything the owner can see or touch. Some internal components may be from other devices, but it could also be 100% unused to by human hands. It also came with an additional 90-day warranty from replacement date that runs concurrent with the original one-year warranty. So if you originally one-year warranty is still in effect and has more than 90 days left on it, that would still be the remainder of your warranty coverage and the 90 days wouldn't matter. If however, you only had 50 or so days left on your original one-year like I did, than 90 days from the replacement date will be when your warranty coverage is over.

I would like to thank Sean and the other team members at Apple Easton for a quick and painless experience to get my iPod Touch replaced.
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