And the oversaturation of Call of Duty games begins

by: John -
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I knew, just knew, that Activision would take a once great franchise and try to churn out as many games as it can in a short amount of time all in the name of profit. It's the Guitar Hero effect and one that turned me off of the series. Anyways, it looks like we're getting three Call of Duty games in two years from them. Ugh. 

Look, I know Activision wants to maximize the profits from their IPs but sometimes you have to look long term and is this move to throw out as many games based on Call of Duty a good move. I guess though since a lot of good talent has left Infinity Ward, Activision might think they have a limited time now to capitalize on the popularity of the IP or mitigate the risk of the quality of the title dropping off and selling as much as they can early on.
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