And the Internet shook with excitement: Catwoman is playable during Batman: Arkham City...

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[source: gamespot]
[via: joystiq]

...and not just as a reskinned Batman or Joker model you can take through the story when you're done, either.  No, she's fully playable during certain portions of Batman: Arkham City's main story mode.  There will be certain sections of the game where Batman can "take a break" and turn the action over to Catwoman.  She'll come with her own move set, upgradeable weapons and gadgets, alternate vision mode (called "thief mode" naturally), and storyline that will weave in and out of Batman's story.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best (and my favorite) games of 2009, so Batman: Arkham City already was already earmarked as "must buy" for me, and this news only reaffirms that.  If it's not one for the best games of this year, then something is very wrong with the universe.

For full details you can check out the original article on Gamespot.
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