Anarchy Reigns is pimpin’!

by: Jeremy -
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Platinum Games’ upcoming brawler Anarchy Reigns has added two more characters to its ranks in the form of MadWorld’s Black Baron and his assistant, Mathilda. The new additions were revealed in a batch of new screenshots and a new video released by the Sega, all available below. Both characters were featured in the brutal Wii game and not only introduced, but often demonstrated the various Bloodbath Challenges that players were faced with throughout the game.

The media has been released following e media event for the game in London. The event gave attending press the chance to learn more about the game and try out its various modes. The two modes outed for the game are the Battle Royale and Survival modes. Battle Royale is an all out brawl while Survival challenges players to face off against waves of enemies in sequential, timed rounds.

More modes and details are sure to be announced as E3 approaches and the game prepares for release in either the third or fourth quarter of this year.

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