Anarchy Reigns: fight to the death

by: Jeremy -
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Sega’s newest trailer for Anarchy Reigns shows that in their game, there is no such thing as time running out and ending a battle. In Platinum Games’ twisted world, time running out just means that the danger levels for the environment get turned up to 11.

In the world of Anarchy Reigns, time running out leads to a major change in the environment which will make it difficult for everyone to survive. Depending on the level in play, different events will be triggered including the introduction of giant saw blades that sweep across the level, crashing waves from a giant tsunami, and even an air strike from military jets. If none of the players can manage to eliminating their opponents, the game will try to eliminate everyone.

This looks insane and appears to add a whole new element to the game. Judging by the clips in the trailer below, each stage within the game will have its own means of unleashing true chaos if players let the timer run out. It looks as if you had better get the job done on your own, or the game will do it for you...

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