Analyst says around 600,000 to 700,000 iPads sold on day one - Update- He was way off.

by: John -
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Are you one of the 600,000 to 700,000 iPad owners right now? If so, how are you liking your new device? Chuck picked one up easily on Saturday but we haven't heard his thoughts on it yet. Scouring the reviews, there's been some very positive and luke warm receptions to the device .Either way, it looks like Apple's got a nice little launch day profit maker on their hands. 

If you did pick one up, what are some of the apps and/or games you're liking on the bigger screen? I would imagine stuff like the iBook app as well as the various streaming media apps would be great viewing on the bigger screen. One that quickly comes to mind is the NetFlix app, of course. Is there an app that you have on the iPhone or iPod Touch that's really a lot better on the iPad besides a media viewing product that you're using right now?

-Update- Apple has come forth and released their official figures. It looks like it's half of what the analyst says for a day one sale and it was more in line with the analyst's original assessment as Apple sold over 300,000 iPads on Saturday. Way to go over-estimating on that one, Gene Munster.
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